Sunday, December 9, 2012

Xelly Belly

This is mostly for Grandparents and cousins who live away. a few stories and a video

Xelly is now 2.5 years old. I don't even know the last time I did an update on this sweet little girl.

Xelly Bean:
*Anything princess (or Ella as she calls them)
*She will not take off her ella pj's without a 30 minute fight/cry session then will request to put them back on the moment were home again.
*Current favorite movie is Cinderella (who would of thought!)
*Favorite color is Pink
*Favorite number is 2&3 I honestly believe she thinks 2-3 is a real number. I asked her if she liked the number 23 and she said No Way Mommy.
*Could watch YouTube videos about dogs all day long!
*Plays on my phone. I have a talking cat app and the cat repeats whatever she says. plus she can brush its teeth, give it a bath, blow dry its hair and poor it milk. Hello who wouldn't love that app!
*Favorite song is Once there was a snowman (noman)
*Loves the snow. She puts her bowls outside when it snows waits for them to fill up then bring them inside and eats the snow then puts them outside for a refill.
*Apple Juice is her staple drink.
*Her papa is the coolest guy around. he will play anything with her. like, Guys (dolls), horse, tick-tock (where he swings her back and forth by her feet) and anything else she feels like or makes up. He is a trooper and an amazing dad!
*Loves loves LOVES her brother. Don't ever mess with him because she will take you out. Or at least give you a lecture about how he is her brother not yours.
*Can count except the #4 doesn't exist.
*Says some of her ABC's- I need to be better at teaching her.
*Potty trained herself on Nov. 18th. Best Birthday Present ever!

Story: Jacob went to the bathroom in Sacrament and Xelly wanted to go so I said when Dad got back I would take her- when he got back she reminded me so I took her and she ran to the bathroom, went potty (So she got her peed diaper put pack on because I didn't think she would really go (then I put a clean on on after sacrament)) once we got home she put on panties and tada! Has not worn another one. Except pull-ups to bed. if shes like me she will be doing that for a long time. She has a few accidents but not very often normally when she is trying to put the little seat on the potty before she sits down and it takes her a little longer.

*She loves to help with dishes
*always talks about going to mimoms/grandmas house with the birds (because the birds go where its warm)
She wanted to join Quinton in playing with bubbles

her and papa building slides for her guys and making crowns

silly faces, ella doll, and friends at thanksgiving

her favorite brother, decorating the tree, playing my DS, new friends

wearing her dress (my shirt) and playing in the animal pit

she loves her old high chair, her new horse (that mom destroyed) and its mom, crown time with pa.

Sometimes shes a stinker and gets things taken away

Dancing with her number 1 man

We love this girl. Everyday is a new fun memory!

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Lynda said...

Thanks again for sharing so many wonderful moments with Xelly with us. How nice of her to be potty trained. Love you guys!