Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few of her favorite things

Xelly has been having a hard time lately.
She is getting over a sickness that has lasted a week and is probably the worst sickness she has had
fevers of 103.7, vomit, chills, horrible coughs, the whole package.

Today she was crying a ton and i could tell she needed some one on one time.
I sat in her room with her after she woke up and we talked. she loved it.

Her favorite color is Pink
Her favorite food is Eggs (lie)
Her favorite toy is her Green Nay Nei (blanket)
Her best friend is Hobbes and Baby
Her favorite number is 2
Her favorite animal is a Kee Kee Cat
Her favorite TV show is Little Einsteins
Her favorite book is puppy (muddypaws) and Kee Kee (a book from mi mom)

She is such a fun little girl and some of the things she says make us laugh so hard. I love that she is communicating so well. in 4 months she will be 3 years old and I'm pretty excited to see what more she will learn.

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