Saturday, January 19, 2013

bigger bigger bigger

bigger bigger bigger

Quinton turned 3 months old on Jan.12.2013
weight- 17.8 lbs (99th %)
height 24.5 in (70%)
head 41.5 (50%)

he is amazing
size 6 month clothing
size 3 diapers
His eyes are still blue and I'm hoping they stay
his hair is getting lighter along with his eyebrows so maybe he will pick up the gurney line?!
he is drinking 6oz (formula) every 3-4 hours (miracle if he makes it to 4)
sleeps from 8:30/9-1:30 am then wakes up every 3 hours after that
last night he slept from 10pm-4am!!
he rolled over for the first time on Christmas eve! has done it quite a few times 
scoots/wiggles around in circles 
once i put him down by our couch and when i came back about 10 minutes later he on the tile by the fireplace a good 10ft from each other.
he loves to stand up with some support from tipping over 
sleeps on his tummy ALL THE TIME has only slept on his back once that I can remember for about 15 minutes.
Xelly is his favorite person. when he hears her voice he smiles and when he sees her his arms and legs start to jump. She is by far his favorite person!
does the sliding penguin pose with his head and feet up in the air and arms out to the side. (my fav)
loves to get tickled under his chin or anywhere is is a very ticklish boy!

He looks funky on the left and proper on the right
the hair sure makes a difference 

3 month stats

it takes quite a bit of water to get his hair down

blurry but I walked this boy around for a good 20 minutes till he fell asleep

watching cartoons

doctors check up
if anyone knows where to find this US picture please let me know!!

tired boy refusing to sleep

best friends

sleeping at the pet store

we would not pick him up till he rolled for the camera

loves to laugh


Emily said...

He is such a chunk, I love it. Can't believe he's 3 months old already!

Shay said...

He is so cute- I love that Xelly is his favorite!

Lynda said...

What a great post about some of our favorite people (little & big).
Thanks for sending us pics & videos.
Love you guys!

haole12 said...

I LOVE all these details and pictures of Xelly and Quinton and what they are learning lately. Quinton looks so much like his daddy. I love you all! ~Chelsea