Sunday, February 10, 2013

back to the 480

Back in November 2012 while sitting on a bench at a mall in Az waiting for our movie to start and trying to share a slushy (we should of gotten 2) We were people watching when we started talking about how nice it was to be outside in November with no jackets and boots. I mentioned that I missed going to the grocery store and running into people I know- and seeing people we know at the movies, and while driving around.  Our list kept growing and we both knew we truly missed Az. After our movie we went to Walmart to pick up a shower curtain and ran into some friends we had not seen in 3 years-- crazy timing.

The trip was amazing and something felt different than the other times we had visited home (Az). We have known for a while that Jacobs 2 years would be up in April and that we would then be able to move or stay with no debt to ADT. We needed to make a firm decision and we both felt that Az was the leading choice.

When we got back to Ut we talked some more and came the the decision that Az is where we need to be for this stage in our lives. Xelly loves her cousins and grandparents- I know her being close to them now will help her to build the relationships she will need as she grows up. Some of our families have only seen Quinton when he was blessed @ 3 weeks old and man he has changed! I have enjoyed being away with just  Jacob and the kids to count on - i learned that i can do things by myself I use to not like doing alone. I am looking forward to seeing my brothers and spending holidays together.

We have made some great friends here and we will for sure miss them. They stuck with me and put up with my pouting about living in Ut and helped me to enjoy it. Jacob is going to miss the mountains for biking and his friends but he is making plans to come back up and visit pretty soon after we move.

Jacob graduates on the 4th of May so both our parents are going to fly up here for that then pack up and all drive down to Az- that will be awesome because I was not looking forward to driving 12 hours with 2 kids and a cat alone! I cant wait to get back to normal (I function way better with sunshine), tan skinned and playing at the parks daily.

We found the house we want to move to and are just crossing our fingers that it will still be available in May.

A little different than Ut houses

So in 82-84 days we will be on our way to the heat. 116 degrees here we come!



SAD...we are going to miss you guys! But, I completely agree with getting closer to family and the HEAT!! Why can't my family live somewhere warm?!?!?
Anyhow, it has been GREAT getting to know you and playing with your cute kiddos!
I hope that house is still available when you get there....It looks GREAT!

Tami said...

There is no place like good ole AZ! And especially no place like being close to family. Good luck with the move and welcome back to AZ!

Chelsea said...

Hooray! It will be so nice to have you guys back and I think we will all take advantage of the closeness more now that we've gone without it. :) Love you guys!