Tuesday, February 12, 2013

one two three 4

The big 4

January 31st we celebrated our 4 year anniversary
it was perfect!

So on our actual anniversary- the 31st
Jacob went to work then came home a few hours later with a yummy Edible Arrangement for me to eat!
Heavenly! the 4 year tradition is Fruit & Flowers... Nailed it!
Jacob was still sick on our anniversary sadly so we hung out at home played and ate good food.
That night to celebrate we watched a tv show then cleaned up vomit from Xelly. Talk about romantic!

On Friday
When we celebrated
First I can saw that we suck at dates. we always have so much fun but we suck at planning.
My cousin came and watched the kiddos (took them to the aquarium- xelly still talks about it)
Jacob and I always go to Brio- they opened one up here last year so we went there last year as well.
Its the restaurant where Jacob told me he loved me... and I replied with "thank you"

We went and ate yummy food
then went to Scheels? and rode the Ferris Wheel
I wanted to cry and I think i had my eyes closed 87% of the time.
My palms were sweaty and knuckles white from holding on so tight.
the little girl in front of us kept looking back at me. and at one point or 3 I screamed when it rocked.
Jacob was laughing so hard and the chair kept rocking.
I will probably never ride another one and my dream of being Tris is over.

It was perfect and simple

this photo below makes me sick.
and no I'm not a chicken-- i love roller coasters

The past 4 years have been great. I kinda love Jacob and we have had some really great memories!
Lets see if we can make it to 5!
challenge accepted.


The Tews said...

Your dream of being Tris is over - you crack me up! Why haven't I ever been to Brio? Just looked at the menu- hello yum. Happy Anniversary you two love birds!

Allen Beach said...

Awww! I love your guys's realistic romanticisim :-). That's hilarious about the Ferris wheel...and that one didn't even look very big. We were gonna do the one at the State Fair this year (that HUGE one) but then we had this thing called work get in the way and the fair closed before we knew it. Dumb work! I guess we can save it for next year and make a double date out of it. I would even pay for your Ferris Wheel ticket, Joni...just for the entertainment value!

Oh, and I never knew that four years anniversary was supposed to be about fruit and flowers. That gives me a reason to strive for four years cuz I LOVE fresh fruit!

Congrats, guys!