Friday, March 22, 2013

Big Hairy Kids

I just got back from the doctor to check up on Q about a possible ear infection (all good)
But I swear it takes me twice as long as the average person to get in and out of stores and doctors offices because everyone has to comment on my kids hair.
Dont get me wrong they are adorable kids but after almost 3 years with xelly and 5 months with Quinton I run out of things to say in return.

So at the doctors office:

Hi, How can I help you?-- (to xelly) oh you are beautiful look at all your hair. how old are you 5?
Me: No shes 2 and yes lots of hair- Im doing good im here for ......
Lady: Quinton.. Okay 5 months-- wow he doesnt look five months he looks more like 9 months and look at all that hair. Does it come from you or your husband..
Me: probably both of us we both have hair.

Nurse: Okay were here for Quinton. what seems to be wrong-
Wow hes a big boy lets see how much he weighs... 22lbs yes big boy indeed it must be all that hair. And you little princess you are adorable I bet your a good big sister.. lots of hair just like your brother... How old is she?


Doctor: Good morning! (talking to xelly) I havent seen you in a while you sure have gotten big! Your hair just keeps on growing! Are you loving having a little... or should i say big brother..hahaha 
(like that's the first time i have heard that joke...)
Okay Quinton 22lbs you must be eating good. I bet all the food is going to your hair growth haha.

...Talks about ear infection and eating...

Alright well we will see you next time and by then he will probably have a pony tail. hahaha

1.5 hours later we get to the car

I will save you the waiting room and leaving conversation.

I don't mind when friends and family comment on my kids hair and weight.size just the random creepers that I feel awkward talking to in grocery stores, out to dinner, malls and so on it gets a little strange.


Quinton is 22lbs thats off the chart for a 5 month old so he doesn't give me a number
and Xelly is 33lbs and 90%



nattapatta said...

Ha ha I get the complete opposite comments with Abby She has no hair and at almost 22 months she weighs 22lbs. So I always get the comments about how small and hairless she is. Thank you random strangers, you are so observant.

Brooks Family ♥ said...

haha I don't know why... but this totally made me laugh! Also, Xelly totally looks like you!

Brooks Family ♥ said...

haha! I don't know why but this totally made me laugh... Also Xelly looks just like you!

David and Jessica said...

that's hilarious lol. My mom was just telling me the other day that would happen to her all the time when I was a baby. I was big and had lots of dark hair lol. They are both adorable :)

Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC said...

Awesome and happy kids! Life is good and motherhood is a success when your kids are loved and your family is united! Way to go!