Monday, May 20, 2013

Xelly loves to party

{Painting Party}
When I asked Xelly what she wanted to do for her Birthday Party she said she wanted to Paint!
So painting we did!
It was busy getting the house unpacked and having a party 5 days later
but she loved it and still talks about it!

 Melted Crayons for Party Favors
{Table Décor & Treats}

 Paint Brush treats

{Kids at Play}


 Sneaky Grandpa giving Q treats
 {Painting Time}

 {Opening gifts}

 She had to put on and play with every gift
Thank you to everyone!!

1 comment:

The Tews said...

The paint idea was so great! The paint spilling out on the table and the paintbrush treats are darling. Looks like Xelly had a blast, wish we could have been there! I can't believe you had such a cute party 5 days after you moved in! GOOD JOB!