Sunday, April 28, 2013

A change of Heart

Here are a few extra links to read before continuing on with reading this post.

2 1/2 years ago I was writing a few posts about my favorite things- Look Here.
When Jacob told me he was thinking about applying for a position his Boss told him about Here
After we got the OK to go. Here

If you didn't read those you are Lazy! 
But they are about my feelings towards Utah. Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Utah- I was not a fan. I would rather of been in the same room as a cricket then visited Utah. 

I don't know why I never liked it- maybe I was born that way or maybe because long 12 hour road trips each year to visit grandparents, snow and I couldn't snowboard, no good Mexican food places after my parents closed down. anyway it was not on my list of places to visit or ever live in. Actually Jacob and I always said we would never move to Utah unless an Angel came from heaven and told us we had to.

Now I have been living in Utah for 2 years and no lie I did not like it for at least 6 months maybe a year.
I'm sure all my neighbors were sick on the new little girl (me) who was always grumpy about having to live in a new state and live in the cold but they stuck with me and taught me to love where I am. They were right I have grown to love where I live mainly because they people I have been surrounded by. They became my like my family in a way- helping me get through the winter, summer, pregnancy, every day! They have all been amazing to me and my family. I know Xelly loves all of the friends she has made and will probably talk about them for a while after we move. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have lived here in Utah but more so for the people I have met.
Thank you to each of you- I wish I could tell you each how you have impacted my life in a different way without you even knowing you were but I don't feel like getting all sappy. 
Maybe one day you will get a letter in the mail from me explaining it.

Off to Az we go.
6 more days till:
 115+ degrees 
pools on every corner
smell of amazing wet dirt and asphalt
Mexican food!
monsoon season!
did i mention family!? because I really do miss them!

Good bye to
New friends that feel like I have know them longer than 2 years
snow! Not going to miss that one
changing of leafs
60-70 degree weather
mountains and very blue skies
Xellys friends
lots of mountains biking


Jacque Gurney said...

You will always be grateful for your Utah experience! You were born there (not by coincidence) and you now have wonderful eternal friends there. This experience has been important in your family's life - and your little Quinton was born in Utah - like you! Putting all that aside...we're SO excited to get you HOME! Yeah for this weekend!

Kara said...

I'll never forget you moving here and bundling up in your hooded fur coat, while the rest of us were sporting capri's. And once again when you were all bundled in winter gear except for your trust sandals! We will miss you guys! Thank goodness for social media and blogs that allow us to follow each other. I'm so excited for you to be by family!

Walter Family said...

I felt the same way as you about Utah when I first lived here after we were married, all I wanted was to move back to Seattle! But after moving to this neighborhood I've grown to love it here. We wish you guys could stay here longer, but know how nice it is to be close to family (and to not have to deal with freezing winters anymore - I'm jealous about that!). We'll miss you guys and wish you all the best!!!

The Tews said...

Wait, are you afraid of crickets? Also, why have we never had a jump-roping conversation - I LOVE double dutch! We loved having you as neighbors and already miss you so much. Mabel and I walked by your house today and it made me sad. :(