Friday, September 20, 2013

Mexico colonies reunion

We had our colonies "rivals" reunion this past Saturday. It was a party! Tell people from this group to bring a dish to share and I think you could feed an entire state.
Not kidding. I saw at least 30 different versions of an enchilada and are a few different kinds of tamales and mole (mol-ay).

They had my favorite Mexican soda and treats! 

American soda pop can suck it.

Over 100 awesome people all reminiscing of the good old days! Heard terrific stories and played softball.

My mom is from Colonial Dublan and our "rivals" are from Colonial Juarez all cousins and friends just different cities.
I think we kicked Juarez' trash! 

The kids got to break open 3 beasts and eat candy for days.

I pulled my mom and two if my sister in laws into doing this skit for everyone.
They were to poor to have a swim team there so we pretended to be it for them. 

Xelly got eaten alive by ants. The next day her ankle was HUGE! After meds and oils its so much better but still not fully recovered. 

It was so much fun! I loved seeing everyone and sharing this part of my life with my husband and children. 


The Dabo's said...

K I'm coming to that next year.

Briana Skidmore said...

That skit is awesome! I wish I could have been there.

Briana Skidmore said...

That skit was amazing! Wish I could have been there.