Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's "Summer" time!!

Moving from Ut to Az in May was probably the worst idea EVER!!
Going from 60/70 to 100/120 was hard. My Utah blood was not ready for an Arizona summer. 
It normally takes a person around 6 months to get use to Az heat and we have been back for 5 months-I would agree with the 6 month time frame.

Now that we are beginning our "fall/winter" months (that feel more like a Utah summer) people are coming outside to play and it's a amazing.

Lots of bike rides and trips to the park. Yet our favorite is still our every other week to once a month irrigation pool days! 

Massive pressure soaked my dad

Her favorite tree!!

This picture is my favorite. As the front yard fills my dad opens the gate and it wTers the flowers/garden and then this rick path turns into a river. It rushes off to fill the sides that have flowers then flows over the top to fill the next area where the swings are. My mom and dad built this it use to just be a dirt area when they bought the house. 

The above picture was two months ago. Look how much Q has changed!!
He still has his amazing thighs though! 

Love this time of year!! Pools are about to get chili but irrigation water is like a warm bath water temp so year around play! 

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