Sunday, October 13, 2013

Qber turns 1

Bubu. Q. Brother. Qber. Mr. Man. Quinton

Born Oct 12, 2012 @ 1:22pm
Measurements: 9lbs 13oz 20in

How is it already Oct 12, 2013?
Quintons Birth Story here.

Oh goodness this boy has a big chunk of my heart. He sure knows how to make me giggle- personality like his dad! He is a major flirt with ladies and animals. Put a stuffed toy in front of him and he gets all kind of cute! 
Yet I take the cake when it comes to his real love. 

Quinton has never been my tiny baby and I certainly can't imagine him being small but he is my baby boy. He can take a fall, get back up and play but if he sees me nothing fixes his bump quite like his head on my shoulder. 5 seconds later he is out doing something else crazy!

Bed time: 7-7:30pm till 7am
Size 4 diapers 
18-24 month shirts
2T shorts
Size 5-6 shoe
Drinking homemade almond milk 
Eats any food he can shove in his mouth.
Bananas are his favorite
Takes one 4 hour nap a day
Loves slides
Says dada, pa pa,momma, ralla (Xelly) 
waves hi and bye
gives high fives
makes Indian noises (patting his mouth) 
climbs and jumps on everything
loves to push chairs or anything that moves 
Has a deep love for books and music. Oh that boy can dance.
Understands simple directions or instructions like "go in the laundry room" or "show me where it is" 

His sister loves him and they play perfect together. I don't think she could go more than a few hours without seeing him. 

They do everything together except clean up toys- that's all Xelly for now.

He loves to wrestle with his dad 
Climbing and jumpin all over him once he lays down. Playing rough makes him so happy!

I am blessed to have this cute boy in our family. Always seems like I can't imagine another kid in our family then once they arrive they fit the missing piece. He is a joy and a handful but we are enjoy every minute of him! 

Happy first birthday Mr. Man! 

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