Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun

In Utah we enjoyed going to pick our own bumpkins out of the pumpkin patch
so we figured this year back in Az we would continue doing it.

We went to Vertuccio Farms

{First Stop- Water Pumping station}

Xelly loved this. She got pretty serious about pumping the water for those ducks to swim down.
Quinton thought it was pretty fun to swipe the ducks before they reached the end.

{Second Stop- Air Pillow}


This thing was seriously rad. So big and tons of people jumping.
Jacob finally tried it and he launched a few kids in the air.
it was a good 5 feet high and probably 100 feet long.

{Third Stop- Spider Web}

Jacob thought he would relax and sit
didnt quite work- his butt touched the ground.

{Big Slide}

So fun and so fast!

{Train Ride}

Xellys loved how fast this was going.
Quinton started humming

{Bouncing Horse}

Jacob got a kick out of watching me.
Quinton finally came around and would touch the horse.
Once I got him on it he didnt want to get off

{Milking cows}



Pumpkins were way to much money for the size. 
So in true Az style we went to the grocery store to pick our pumpkins out of a box.



HOLY AWESOME pumpkin Patch! I would go there too just to play on everything! FUN!!

Walter Family said...

How fun!! Super cute pictures! I can't believe how big Quinton is getting. Both of your kids are too cute!