Monday, November 11, 2013

How I make our almond milk

I found out pretty fast that Quinton's body didn't like milk. Bad diaper rash and crazy poo.

We were on a tight budget so the extra 30 bucks a month for almond milk was not goig to work.
I researched how to make it and tried it out after changing a few things to my families liking. 

How to make almond milk:

What you need- water, almonds, nut bag (I use some silky fabric aka unused garments), salt, blender &  med bowl

Buy a bag of sliced or whole almonds. I prefer whole almonds because they go a long way.

Soak whatever amount of almonds you choose.  (I do 3 cups) in water overnight (8 hours) and up to 3 days if in the fridge. I usually do the overnight option.

Add a few pinches of salt to the water and cover with a towel

My first attempt I used sliced almonds I had in my pantry

These are mine soaking in prep to make tomorrow. They have been soaking for 2 days

8+ hours later...

Fill your blender up with 6-7 cups of water or as much as it will allow without spilling - mine holds 9 cups but I fill it up to 6 cups with water to leave room.

**Once you add the almonds the water level will rise- please keep that in mind or you will have a mess

Fill your blender with water then add one heaping cup of almonds.
Turn the blender on and let it run 2-3 minutes. You can switch from high to low if you want.

Then after everything is all chopped and mixed its time to strain. If your ghetto like me put the fabric tightly around the bowl or if your a professional get your bag ready.

Poor the milky water into the strainer so no chunks of almond meal get into the milk. Squeeze the bag/silk till you get as much milk as you can out of it.

What's in the bowl is your milk!
Tada! Your done. 

This sounds like work but I can make my batch of milk in about 10 minutes and it fills about 190 oz give or take. 
If you want to add more almonds when you blend go for it- make it to your taste.

Now babies need fat so I add coconut oil to my boys milk. If you make a large batch and are going to keep it in the fridge don't add the coconut oil because it will harden once it gets cold. Add the coconut oil to each individual bottle. You could also use coconut milk for fats.

3 cups of almonds usually turns into 4 cups after they absorb the water. 
This batch will lasts me a week... if my husband doesn't touch it

So for the people adding this up it's about the same to make almond milk as it is to buy it.. I didn't waste your time. The money savings is in the meal.

The stuff in your bag/strainer is the meal. It can be dried and turned into almond flour and that stuff is $$. 
about $28.00 for a 5lb bag depending on where you buy it.

All you do to make almond flour is take the meal (you can refrigerate it for a few days) when your ready put it on some cookie sheets lined with wax paper and put it in your oven on the lowest temp for 3-6 hours. Once it's dry and cool put it in a blender or thing that chops that I can't think of its name to make it thin and bam there is your almond flour.

Worth it and my family loves it- minus Xelly and I we only trusts cows.

 I have had to make it every 4-5 days lately because my husband drinks it also. 


Briana Skidmore said...

This is amazing! You are already becoming a primal pro;)

The Tews said...

I am so glad you posted this! I have always been curious. I love your 'silky fabric'.