Monday, November 25, 2013

Powell 2013


Powell 2013
I am 24 years old and I have been to Powell almost every year of my life
It is my favorite place. I will pick it as my vacation every time

storms, sunken houseboats (truth), concussion, big fish, sunburn, and cuts have been worth it
If you have never been- I feel sorry for you

This year it was only 17 of us but was still a blast!
Xelly and Quinton were in heaven.
Xelly was convinced we were living there forever. She was so confused when I told her we were leaving the next day. She responded with 
"Mommy this big housesboat and little boat are ours houses now"
Oh I wish!

We swam. 
Cliff jumped (even xelly off a10 footer)
Paddle boarded
Wake boarded
Tubed- Jacob and I won with the best air. Jacob got 14 feet I got 10. He ended with 3 chipped/broken teeth I ended with 2 bruised ribs and a swollen/bruised leg- we were laughing so hard!
Built a underground house aka the heart room
Fires with s'mores
Canoe trips
Trip to dangling rope to spit by the fish and eat ice cream
Lots of good food
Late night card games

Nothing beats being on a houseboat with no service for a week with people you loved at the beginning of the trip. I countdown each year to this vacation
So glad I get to share this beautiful place with my husband and kids
I hope it becomes as special of a pace to them as it is for me. 

Till next year

so ready to find a beach and get in the water

Cliff Jumping! 

Xelly was not thrilled about her first cliff jump.
a day or two later she thought it was cool.

Swimming back after jumping

Best night!  

No such thing ask clean dry clothing

nothing better than some wind burn/ jacket rub

paddle board fun

Xelly loved the tube!


6 hour drive back to the marina. 

The kids- all of us- loved it. 
I cant wait till next year!!

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Briana Skidmore said...

You're making me miss Lake Powell! It's been years... :( wahhh