Wednesday, November 27, 2013


{Halloween 20.13}

I love Halloween
This year I was ready to throw in the towel after night one.

Xelly saw this costume and fell in love.

Before the candy we had some friends come over and paint kid pumpkins
Parker is Xelly's best friend- first kiss was when Xelly was 3 months old.

{Friend Pumpkin Carving}
One of Jacob and I's first dates was pumpkin carving in the desert.
The year after that we went with my best friend and her husband and now that we all have kids we do it at each others houses. Loads of fun!

{Parents Trunk or Treat}

We went to my parents- ate hot dogs and got free candy for looking cute.

No one told me every mom was being lazy and was a last minute cat 

{Our ward Trunk or Treat}

Jacob couldn't come but my brother and sister in law did!

Xelly wanted pink hair just like the mermaid on mermadia- 
and her hair had to be braided the exact same way. Each time.

{Halloween Night}
Out the door... 7 doors later Xelly asked to go home to eat her candy.
She enjoyed passing out the candy way more than anything else.
I thought the whole point of going trick or treating was to have her get tons of candy so I could eat it each night after they go to bed.
good thing we hit up 2 trunk or treats.
my candy stash is keeping me warm.

Happy Halloween!

{Zoo Lights}
Jacobs work rented out the PHX zoo
It was so cold!

She was scared then she loved it.
I guess waiting a year between rides made her forget she's was obsessed with it.

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